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Lafayette Interior Fashions – Allure Transitional Shades

Transitional Shades magically transition natural light in the best light for your life. You’ll delight in the nearly endless variety of light control and viewing options while still being able to raise and lower your shades at any level. Close your Transitional Shades to create the privacy you desire or transition your shades to enjoy exceptional view through while gently filtering harsh daylight. 

Beaded chainSimply pull on the continuous bead loop to raise and lower your shade to any position with ease and accuracy. The specially designed cord tensions eliminates dangling cord for enhanced child safety. 

MotorizedEasy to operate motorization solution with a rechargeable battery. Accurately controls up to 15 shades independently or simultaneously with a remote control, smartphone or tablet. 

Accu-RiseCertified best for Kids and the ideal choice for homes with children and pets. A gentle tug on the hem bar allows the shade to raise and lower safely and effortlessly.

Hunter Douglas – Designer Banded Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades combine alternating sheer and solid fabric bands in a single shade. This design allows the shade to transition from open to closed seamlessly, providing a modern solution for view-through, light control and privacy. It’s a roller shade and a sheer shading all in one. Includes a variety of solids, textures and colors in light-filtering and  room-darkening opacities. Or select an exclusive geometric design for a dramatic statement. 

Universal Cord Tensioner – All Hunter Douglas products with a continuous cord looks or beaded cord loops also include a cord tensioner for safer operation. In accordance with the revised American National Standard of Corded Window Covering Products

UltraGlide– Revolutionary retractable wand system designed for enhanced child safety. 

PowerView Motorization – Proprietary motorized wireless control system or operating a variety of Hunter Douglas window coverings.

Norman – PerfectSheer Shades

Experience PerfectSheer’’s soft interplay of light, colors and shadows, and elevate your décor and privacy control to a new level of elegance and softness. For however you decided to adjust – relax. You can always change your mind. Offering the tightest closure on the market in its category, PerfectSheer™ combines a banded layered fabric shade for a sleek and modern effect. Plus a sheer fabric vane shade that creates an elegant louver-link look. In a range of on-trend room darkening or light filtering fabrics, and your choice of patterns for sheer, PerfectSheer™ is geared for being a stylish solution for almost any room. From completely closed for privacy, to half open on a bright and sunny day, to fully open for radiantly soft and natural light, PerfectSheer™ offers total versatility with unforgettable sophistication.

Continuous Cord Loop – Gently raise and lower your Norman PerfectSheer Shades by pulling the fabric cord to the desired position. 

Motorized – Refines shade automation that’s simple to use. A convenient solution for adjusting multiple shades at once or hard to reach windows.


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